Back To Italy, Marche: Welcome, MI_MarcheIperespressioniste!

Marche Iperespressioniste

We’re presenting today  MI_MarcheIperespressioniste, the traveling exhibition result of artistic research conceived by David Miliozzi and produced by the musical association Appassionata, directed by Andrea Trettaccone. It will be presented through 6 events, starting on August 18th in Loro Piceno (Marche, Italy), and moving to Serra de’ Conti (Saturday 25th August), Belforte del Chienti (Saturday 1st September), Serrapetrona (Friday 7th September), Ascoli Piceno (Sunday, September 16th) to finalize in Ripe San Ginesio (Saturday 29 September).
The common denominator of MI is Enolo, one of the gigantic statues (3.5 meter high plus the basement) that Dante Ferretti created for the Expo in Milan (2015): after having traveled the world from the MoMA in New York at the MoMAT in Tokyo, for the first time ever, Enolo is exhibited in the Marche region.
Purchased by Giancarlo Cossiri, owner of IFI srl and kindly lent to make this initiative possible, this monumental work is offered to the public as a synthesis of a multitude of artistic languages ​​whose interpreters are Luca Agnani, Teatro Rebis, Maicol & Mirco, Silvio and Rodolfo Craia, Discodella, Paolo Marzocchi and Eugenio della Chiara. In the MI show there are classical concerts and artistic performances, installations, videomapping and dj set, free events and open to the public.

“This is the time of Hyperexpressionism”, explains David Miliozzi, “we live in a hyper-communicative society in which man feels more and more alone, a hypertextual society where it becomes impossible to decode messages, a hyper-technological society where information exceeds the capacity of interpretation. Nothing like art can help us to orient ourselves and give authentic form to life. Artistic expression, in all its forms, is the only engine that leads life towards the new”.
These exhibits are intended to bring the importance of the context, the landscape, back to the center of the artistic discourse.

Go, MI, Go!

Events creators, promoters, artists and all partners involved in the initiative
Events creators, promoters, artists and all partners involved in the initiative
Enolo - Dante Ferretti - Loro Piceno
Enolo – Dante Ferretti – Loro Piceno
Enolo - Dante Ferretti
Enolo – Dante Ferretti
Enolo - Dante Ferretti - details
Enolo – Dante Ferretti – details

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