Hyperexpressionism artistic movement was born in Italy thanks to the intuition of art critic David Miliozzi who, analyzing the artistic trends of recent years, conducts and summarizes the results of new modern artists working in culturally and geographically different centers, unifying them into a new art movement.
The atavistic feeling of rupture with the contemporary world is stronger than ever, it becomes necessary to recover a relationship with spirituality, the common thread that links the artist’s inner voice to his own work.
The initial five planned exhibits will have five different spaces, which are located in five different cities, from Rome to Macerata, and then abroad, so to internationalize the movement with shows in London, Berlin and Paris.

Art critic David Miliozzi
Art critic David Miliozzi

Friday, January 29, 2016, at 18.30, the inauguration of the first exhibit of Hyperexpressionism movement took place at the TAG_Tevere Art Gallery in Rome, thanks to the work of two artists who have joined the movement: Fosco Sileoni and Iacopo Maria Fiorani. They have exclusively presented their work in a close dialogue that embodies a diptych of powerful creative identity.
This is the baptism of Hyperexpressionism, artistic movement born from the embers of “La Biennale di Venezia” curated by Massimiliano Gioni (Il Palazzo Enciclopedico), and that from Biennale resumed the attempt to go to the roots of the creative process.

The intuition is that the artistic period that we are living proposes new scenarios on the art world, as it considers the possibility that contemporary art, as it is understood in art history books, has exhausted its voice as a result of the deep cultural changes brought about by the political / technological revolution occurred along these years, and it should be replaced by a new manner of making art. Now we must begin to relate with the artistic present by adopting new categories that cannot be found in the era that we are leaving behind.

Hyperexpressionism is the first attempt to move in this direction, trying to propose with its own Manifesto brand new paths that are artistically fruitful.
Artists involved proceed from Italy and from many other places of the world, and they express a deep reflection on the human being ab origine, a creature that from the Paleolithic era to the post-human, was, is, and will always be a symbolic animal that through an atavistic will to transform emotions into symbols, affirms his identity and sublimates his own nature.