Marche d’Autore: A Literary Journey Throughout Marche

Italian Marche region will be for the first time the guest region at Turin International Book Fair, an opportunity that comes with responsibility, which gave us the inspiration and enthusiasm to take care of this Volume.

Since the planning phase we have set the focus on a doubly expressive, literary and artistic track, guided by the awareness that at the base of every artistic expression there is a hybridization of knowledge, which, once contaminated, creates polysemy and semantic inexhaustibility. One of the main objectives was to show the richness and beauty of Marche region, feminine and plural, in name and in essence.

We have divided the book into five major chapters that correspond to the five “provinces”, opening each chapter with a drawing of a great native local artist, with the firm will to investigate the deep and contradictory relationship that binds the artistic practice to the territory in which it is developed. The result was a fresco of the human condition through the eyes of the protagonists of different generations, all immersed in the Marche humus; identities that have developed through the complexity of a breathtaking landscape, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and rising through lush hills to the Apennines and the blue Mountains, as the poet Giacomo Leopardi called them.

A hyper-expressive land, we said with MI_MarcheIperespressioniste, the cultural and itinerant festival of music, art and literature that revolved around Enolo, one of the sculptures designed by Master Dante Ferretti for the Milan Expo in 2015. The genius from Macerata (Marche), who created the design of the cover for this book, reminds us that we are an Oscar-worthy region and that excellence always needs authorship to be told. Hence the title: Marche d´Autore, to underline the quality of the representation and the authorship of the artists involved in this project.

Dante Ferretti, genius from Macerata who created the design of the cover for this book, reminds us that we are an Oscar-worthy region

Five Masters and thirty-one among the most interesting narrative voices on the contemporary scene, some already established, recognizable, and many young promises who, entering the cave of their own creativity, have composed a polyphonic work able to excite and suggest new meanings. Finally Marche region, always so discreet and quietly active, has decided to make itself known for what it is: a region of great artistic and cultural strength, a bridge in the south of Europe that, once crossed, is impossible not to love.