Hyperexpressionism In Prague

Hyperexpressionism in Prague

We chose Prague because it is a magical and enchanting city, the symbol of the eternal regenerating prehistory of our civilization. Hyperexpressionism is rooted in prefigurative art, in the cave of sentiment, a metaphor of the painful contradictions that have marked the flesh of western mankind. Nothing like Franz Kafka’s luminous, painful, vital and tragic writing has expressed the paradoxes of our time. The Prague cemetery represents the stratification of history and memory, it is a monument to our consciousness. Prague is the city of Mozart, Einstein, Arcimbold, Klimt.

Hyperexpressionism in Prague
Hyperexpressionism in Prague

Let’s get rid of corrupt art systems and shut the door to commodification and let’s open to authenticity, to the expressive power, and the original feeling that must be the basis of every artistic gesture. This exhibition is the third European appointment with Hyperexpressionism. Topičův salon, the largest gallery in the center of Prague, will host us. Hyperexpressionism in Prague will open on September 20 at 6pm, citizenship is all invited to participate and share with us our sincere enthusiasm for this event. The exhibition curator, the artists, and the whole staff will be present.

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