Hyperexpressionism is not Hyper-expressionism

Iacopo Fiorani

Art of any time and space, is necessarily expressionist: the prehistoric graffiti as well as historical ones, Apollodorus, Pisano, Giotto, Masaccio, Titian were distinguished examples of Expressionism. El Greco, Gericault, Munch, Van Gogh and Soutine, just to name a few. The German fathers had first realized the need to scrupulously investigate the roots of art. Kirchner engraved Expressionist manifesto in 1906. He and his mates reacted to frivolities of the belle epoque to bring the attention back to the forgotten and hidden roots of mankind. Times have changed since then. The third industrial revolution has opened the doors to the post-human.

Fosco Sileoni
Fosco Sileoni

Hyper Society

Today we live in a society that is “hyper” in every aspect, a society that hides its contradictions with the excess. Hyperexpressionism, which is feeling, first, and only then it turns into the movement, descends into our eternal prehistoric cave at the speed of light to query the algorithms on which our existential impulses are based. After all Hyperexpressionism, through the originality of his research, is nothing but the impetuous child who comes out and scream it loud “Olly olly oxen free!”

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